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    • Jane Smith

      I should have just bought the original and best.
      The Nintendo Switch is my favourite video games console. Possibly ever. And considering how much I loved my Super Nintendo, PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360, that’s saying something.

      But given my current circumstances — a parent with limited time to do anything that isn’t working, sleeping or taking care of two cacodemons disguised as young children — there’s never been a console better designed for a person like me. It’s the console that pours itself into the gaps of my busy life.

      The only issue I ever had with my Nintendo Switch is I had to share it.

      I’ll never forget the first scratch I got on the screen. Truly a dark day.

      I was cleaning up my kids’ play area when I saw it. My Nintendo Switch. Face down. Screen down atop a gigantic pile of sharp, spiky Lego. It was akin to waking up and seeing your pet goldfish belly up in the tank.

      “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO,” I screamed. Actually screamed. I sank to my knees in physical agony, rocking back and forth in the fetal position, cradling my Switch, pausing to frantically searching for scratches, angling the screen against the light.

      “No. No. No.”

      Yep, scratches. Two of them. Deep ones.


    • Keir Pati

      I harboured this glorious dream for years, and when Nintendo announced the Switch Lite — a smaller, cheaper (by $100) version of the original — I thought, this is my chance. The perfect excuse. A brand new updated version of my favourite console.

      • Jane Smith

        I picked up a switch, used it for a month and got bored… The games are fun but I only got to play it in handheld because the only tv we have is in the lounge and it’s never free when I’m home from work and I drive to the office.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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